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Accelerate your digital transformation

Nokia applications are designed to cut through IoT complexity and accelerate your digital transformation. Asset intensive industries and smart cities can benefit from our ecosystem-neutral approach with a variety of applications from Nokia and other ecosystems or independent software vendors.

Deployed on our Nokia MX Industrial Edge, you can be assured of high compute and networking performance, security and resilience required for your Industry 4.0 use cases.

Industrial edge applications tailored to your needs

You can swiftly ‘click and deploy’ a variety of applications from the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud application catalog to the on-premises MX Industrial Edge. Connectivity, mixed reality, automation, data aggregation, real-time locations services, and video analytics are just some of the capabilities to choose from. Through the application management portal, you can easily onboard partner applications including sandbox and a developer toolkit. Orchestration tools to automate application life-cycle management ensures that new security, stability, and feature updates are always available on the edge.

Explore our Third-party applications

Taqtile Manifest®

Get real-time content when and where you need it with an AR work instruction tool for the deskless worker. Critical work instructions on a tablet, mobile device or heads up display is presented clearly to workers allowing them to complete complex tasks more efficiently and safely than ever before. Taqtile Manifest software on Nokia MX Industrial Edge and easy access to private wireless connectivity provides users with a more responsive experience.

Visit Taqtile Manifest site to learn more about the application.

Taqtile Manifest

Knowledge when and where you need it

Smart Mobile Labs EVO (Edge Video Orchestrator)

Many enterprises rely on video streaming applications to advance their digital transformation. With Smart Mobile Labs EVO (Edge Video Orchestrator), you can stream video, audio and data with hyper low latency from multiple sources to multiple destinations in real-time. Smart Mobile Labs EVO deployed on Nokia MX Industrial Edge, enables you to direct this content where you need it without delay, enabling better decision making to improve safety, productivity, customer experience and efficiency. You can also benefit from 4G and 5G connectivity options as well as other edge applications to accelerate your digital transformation.

Visit Smart Mobile Labs site to learn more about the application.

Smart Mobile Labs EVO

For video streaming in real-time

Siemens MindConnect Software Agent

Unlock the potential of IIoT data

Unlock the potential of IIoT data for use by industrial applications. Enable fast, seamless connection to operational data and assets and make it available to MindSphere, an integral part of the new Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, for analytics and applications.

Visit Siemens Xcelerator to learn more about the application.

IIoT data for industrial applications

Zscaler® (Zscaler Private Access™)

Get zero trust access to mission-critical edge workloads, OT, and IIoT systems with Zscaler Private Access™ running on Nokia MXIE. Unlike VPN solutions, Zscaler Private Access™ securely connects users, sensors, and devices to private applications without granting access to the enterprise IT or OT network. Providing remote access to private applications without bringing a remote user or device on the network minimizes the risk of lateral threat movement and business disruption.

Visit Zscaler Private Access to learn more.

Zscaler Private Access

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